Polishing Timber Floors

Why You Should Choose To Hire Us

Quality Professional

Don has spent 20 years preparing and polishing timber floors in an around Brisbane. Don is an expert in his field and your #1 choice for your timber floors.

Save Time

Bringing out the best by polishing timber floors can be time consuming and difficult to complete without the right tools and equipment.

Veranda Lacquered Polished Floor

Free Quote and Estimate

Before any work, we assess your timber floor and give you an estimate of the cost and time needed to complete the work on your floor.

Save Money

Not only can you save time but money by hiring a professional to polish your timber floors instead of equipment and then buying the needed accessories.

Benefits of Polishing Timber Floors

  • Timber floors give your home a natural, sophisticated appearance.
  • Wood floors are always in fashion.
  • One of the great benefits of timber compared to carpet is it’s practicality and simple functional beauty.
  • It does not retain dust and is easy to clean and if you take use the right supplies and proper care, it will have a long life.
  • Timber, when kept clean helps avoid stains and odours, and allergens, all of which can be causes of asthma and other respiratory problems.
  • Timber floors are ecologically friendly.
  • Even more so when renewable or recycled timber is used in creating or repairing the decking or floor. Add to that finishing your floors with non-toxic coatings it  is even more Eco-Friendly than other synthetic alternatives.

Repair Damaged, Scuffed Floors

Timber floors are amazing.

Though they will become worn and the polish fade with use, sunlight and the years.

Revitalising your floor by sanding back the timber and polishing using an expert in their trade, will bring the wood back to life. By using a professional to polish your timber floor you not only get that renewed gleam back, but increase the value of your house if going for a sale, as well as making sure that any potential timber rot or other problems are headed off before they can get any worse. 

Something everyone living in the Queensland climate will understand, Humidity can cause major issues for timber floors and regular maintenance of the wood is a must to keep the timber sound and safe.